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Amazon Shamanic Healing Trip - March 18-31, 2010‏ - Itzhak Beery

Shamanic Healing Trip – Amazon, Brazil
You are invited to join us on a journey of a lifetime with shamanic healers and teachers:
Ipupiara, Claicha, Eve and Itzhak
(see bios below)

Shamanic Healing Trip
Amazonia, Rio Negro, Brazil
March 18-31, 2010
(You can arrive a few days before or stay longer to enjoy a short vacation,
Special low group prices are available at the Plaza Hotel in the heart of the city)

Experience powerful healings and rituals by different native tribal elders. Visit local tribes and participate in sacred ceremonies including the Jungle Plant Medicine tea.
Learn about the rainforest's Eco System, animals, plants and herbs. Enjoy storytellers, amazonian massage, native dances. trekking, swimming with pink dolphins, canoeing and fishing. Have fresh cooked food and much needed relaxation.

Secure your spot. Register now!

Trip fee: $2,475
includes: Tuition, Airport transfers, Food, Lodging, Educational materials.
Not included: airfare to Manaus. and healers and crew gratitude (about $200)
($200 off for two people traveling together)

A $500 deposit is required ASAP.
Full payment by February 1st, 2010

Detailed information on travel, lodging arrangements and what to bring to the trip will be provided upon receipt of the registration.

Contact Itzhak Beery:

Itinerary (may change): We'll stay one night in the Plazza Hotel. The next morning we'll be boarding our riverboat to travel to the "Sacred Meeting of the Waters" where the Amazon and the Rio Negro meet. From there we will continue up the river to the Taruma Sanctuary, where local shamans and their families will meet us, teach us and perform healing ceremonies. A few days later, we will be traveling to native shaman communities along the river, dance, and participate in sacred ceremonies. Even experience a swim with pink dolphins. The Sacred Tea ceremony will be performed before our return to Manaus for shopping and rest in the hotel. (You can arrive earlier or stay longer in Manaus or Taruma Sanctuary at your own cost).
Ipupiara Makunaiman (Dr. Bernardo D. Peixoto) a Brazilian Amazonian Pagé from the Uru-eu-wau-wau tribe. Claicha Toscano, his wife is a Peruvian Curandera. Eve Bruce shamanic practitioner, author teacher and trip leader. Itzhak Beery shamanic practitioner and teacher. It is only because of Ipupiara ability to speak 6 different local dialects that we can have a close encounter with this amazing shamans, elders and their communities.
Trip’s profits goes to support the Manatee Ecological School founded by Ipupiara and Claicha. Visit their site to learn more:

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